Denison University Transportation — ShuttleHome With Friends!
"Luxury coach bus service direct from Denison campus to Chicago every school break for 1\/2 the price of flying! "

Trip Perks

Do you provide water and snacks for the trip?

Yes! Our student attendants will walk down the aisles with bottles of water, snacks, and fruits.

Is there wifi on the bus?

Yes! And no... There is wifi on the bus but mobile wireless technology is still built off of 4G satellites with limited bandwidth. We ask that you do not use the wifi to stream movies or download large files because it will clog up the service for the other passengers. This is the same service that is provided on all modern bus companies. The future is now... kind of.

Note: Central PA has a lot of 4G dead zones where the wifi will not work. The safe thing to do is download a couple movies and some music before the trip.

What is included in the cost of a ticket?

Bagels* & cream cheese Chips, snacks and fruit Power Outlets* Limited Wifi* Bus Attendant & Assistant Movies & friends :) Notes on bagels: We're big fans of bagels, but some schools are in what we would call a "bagel desert". If we cannot find bagels near your school we'll pick up a substitute for the trip from campus and make sure we double down for the trip from the city. Sound good? Notes on Limited Wifi: The wifi in busses today is built on 4G satellite technology. This means two things: 1) There is limited bandwidth for the whole bus so it cannot be used for streaming movies or downloading large files. 2) If there is a 4G dead zone the service will not work. Our advice: The safe thing to do is download some movies and music the day before the trip and use the wifi only for emergencies like emailing that late final. :) Notes on Power outlets: We do our best to provide busses with outlets in every seat but there are some trips. However, we cannot guarantee outlets in every seat for every trip do to limitations in the charter industry. We will alert you before the trip departure if there is limited access to outlets on your bus.

What is this that I hear about bagels?

ShuttleHome is like your surrogate grandmother sending you off to college—"You're skin and bones!" The idea to serve bagels started as a gift from one of our founder to his friends — he wanted everybody on the bus to have one last New York bagel before they went back to the bagel abyss that is Ohio (that was before our new best friend The Local was around!). Now it’s our staple and a symbol of our commitment to the campus and community. What separates ShuttleHome from any other transportation provider is that we are students riding home with friends.

Do you play movies on the bus?

Yes! We take a vote at the beginning of the trip for a movie selection. For those who want to slumber through, we keep the volume low and put on subtitles. We believe the collective movie experience is a great way for the whole to connect and it's been a staple of our trips since the beginning.

We also have a collection of movies for passengers to borrow. However, given that the new MacBooks do not have a CD player that option has become less popular over the years. We suggest you download some movies the night before the trip just in case.

Are there power outlets on the bus?

Yes! We do our best to ensure that there are outlets for every seat on the bus. However, there are rare occasions where where we use busses that have limited power outlets. In those cases we will send you an email before the trip so you can prepare properly.

Do you provide live trip updates for parents?

Yes! Our bus attendants tweet updates every 30 minutes on your twitter page twitter.com/shuttlehome. We've found that parents want to know their kids are safe and students want to enjoy the trip without loving (but sometimes pestering) texts from their parents. :)

That said, if you're a student keep your phone on and so your parents know you actually made the bus. They're probably worried sick.