Denison University Transportation — ShuttleHome With Friends!
"Luxury coach bus service direct from Denison campus to Chicago every school break for 1\/2 the price of flying! "

Our story

Founded in 2012, ShuttleHome is built by a team of students on each campus tasked with a dual mission: to ensure that all students have an opportunity to visit home every school break, and to foster a community that inspires these five core values both throughout the college and beyond graduation.

Our Values

Say Hello

Share your awesomeness

Think Sustainably

Make choices that will last longer than you

Make magic out of misery

Find opportunity in frustration

Channel your inner Grandma

Coddle people in care

Do your own math

Don’t let others think for you

A peek at our Safety & Reliability checklist

We're like the loving grandmas of bussing, which means safety, reliability and bagels are our top priorities (you're skin & bones!). We don't own or operate our own busses, we leave that to the professionals and we only work with the best.

Here are just some of our charter provider requirements.

  • ABA Certified
  • $5mm insurance policy
  • 24/7 dispatch
  • 15+ years industry experience
  • Weekly equipment & safety inspections
All aboard