Denison University Transportation — ShuttleHome With Friends!
"Luxury coach bus service direct from Denison campus to Chicago every school break for 1\/2 the price of flying! "

Luggage & Rules

What do I need to show in order to board the bus?

Quick answer: Your e-ticket (the one with the QR code) & a valid ID

We will email your e-ticket 48 hours before the trip. Please present that ticket on your smart phone or in print to board the bus. If you cannot locate your e-ticket don't worry. You can show your confirmation email and a valid ID which we can cross reference with our database to prove purchase.

Note to parents: If you receive the confirmation email and/or e-ticket please forward them to your son or daughter so they can present it at the bus. If your name is associated with the e-ticket that is not a problem, just tell them to use your name upon boarding the bus and we can cross check it in our system.

Can I bring alcohol on the bus?

No. It's against our charter agreement to bring alcohol on the bus. If you are caught you put the entire trip at risk and you will not be invited back on future ShuttleHome trips. Sorry to be so harsh but that's the rules.

The same applies to illegal drugs, firearms, animals, fireworks and explosives.

One of my belongings broke in transit. Can you guys pay for it?

Unfortunately no. ShuttleHome is not responsible for any belongings that you bring on the bus. Please keep this in mind while you are packing.

Note: we are not responsible for items left on the street during loading and unloading. Remember, NYC is NYC… if you leave your suitcase on the street to grab a cup of coffee it will probably get stolen.

I’m bringing my guitar which is fragile and sensitive to cold? Will it be ok in the checked compartment?

The safe answer here is no. I love my guitar and would not leave it underneath a bus for 9 hours in the cold. If you are set on bringing your guitar (or any large and fragile musical instrument, sound system etc.) with you, you can purchase an additional seat for it, or cross your fingers and risk putting it under the bus. We are not responsible for any lost or damage items brought on to the bus.

What constitutes as a carry-on?

Anything small enough to fit under your seat or in an overhead compartment — backpacks, gym bags, blankets etc… We just ask that you are mindful of your neighbors and that you respect their personal space.

What items are not allowed on the bus?

We are all part of a community and we ask you to be respectful of your classmates and use your own judgment. Obviously we do not allow alcohol, drugs, explosives, weapons, or any hazardous materials on the bus. We also do not allow oversized items like upright basses, cellos, beanbag chairs… again, just use your judgment. We hold the right to refuse the loading of any item on to the bus— please do not come with an obviously oversized item and force us to make you leave it on the street.

Can I bring my bike?

No, we do not allow bikes on the bus. There is just enough storage space for everybody and bikes are too large and awkwardly-shaped to fit.

How many items can I bring on the bus?

You can bring two carry-ons and two “checked” pieces of luggage. When we say checked we mean that it will go in the storage compartments underneath the bus.