Denison University Transportation — ShuttleHome With Friends!
"Luxury coach bus service direct from Denison campus to Chicago every school break for 1\/2 the price of flying! "

Job Opportunities

What’s this I hear about the dinners and the $200 grants for community projects?

ShuttleHome has a dual mission, to provide students with an affordable and enjoyable way to get home during school breaks, and to provide community driven students with the training and resources they need to develop true leadership skills and make a positive and lasting mark on their community.

Every month the team gets together for a free dinner and the one rule is that we cannot talk about ShuttleHome. Our only task is to have a great meal, bond with their fellow teammates, and come up with a project that will make students and community members feel more at home on campus. Once the project is selected they will create a proposal for $200 in funding to bring it to life.

I want to work for ShuttleHome. How do I make that happen?

Just email jobs@shuttlehome.com with the subject “(school name) student application”. Provide your name and a short introductory message and we’ll follow up with an application.

How do I bring ShuttleHome to my school?

We’re always looking for entrepreneurial students to help us expand the ShuttleHome community. We really believe in the service that we provide and we do everything we can to make it as affordable and enjoyable for the student body. If you want to help us bring ShuttleHome to your school please contact us at hello@shuttlehome.com.